Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Plus Sizes Diva USA Pre-Order

Hi, WELCOME to shop at Plus Sizes Diva USA Pre-Order !
You are going to make the resolution to look polished! Join us to expand your shopping opportunity for Plus Size Clothing here! You can now shop the listed USA plus size web stores, we will bring in the trend and style that you ever wish!

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Featuring full line of high-quality designer plus size tops, skirts, dresses, swim wear, cardigan, knits, active wear, outerwear, leggings, intimates, suits, sweaters, pants, jackets, & blazers for plus sizes women . Also carry plus size shoes ! The plus size clothes were designed to fit a plus size woman's curves.
Our "Plus Sizes Diva" Pre order service guarantee zero shipment lost for USA pre-order is HERE at NYC spree. Pay at a value-added price to secure your transaction w/o regret.

wish.gif Please-READ Terms&Conditions BEFORE JOIN SPREE :::::
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Shopper agreed to pay the standalone US ground shipping fees to secure stock availability!

How it Works:
1. Copy and Paste the URL(s) of your items from the web store for quotation
2. Confirm your order in 7 days before re-quote as usd hiking
3. Cleared in to MBB /RHB account within 3 days (interbank require 2 days to clear)
4. Drop me your name, address and mobile # (important) upon order confirmation
5. Subscribe topic for the updated order & shipping status

No standard calculation rate, daily currency board!
Quotation base on item weight WxHxL, international shipping, conversion rate,sales tax(if applicable), provided free shipping achievable or spreers choice to go for standalone/share shipping for US domestic shipping. You can send other brand of items url that you wish to get too provided it is US base. QUICK, CLICK, SAVE! Submission MUST-GO! You wont miss it!


  1. us shipping service-International Shipping Worldwide and USA Package Forwarding. Create and start using your account in minutes. Review, choose, consolidate, discard and ship your packages.
    Your own shopping address in the USA that you can monitor online.

  2. Clothing plus size woman fashion has many options these days. You can find something to suit any body type.

  3. I would love to check out more from your plus size collection.